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How To Better Engage Industrial Athletes About Their Personal Safety

Signage around the warehouse and the occasional mention of safety protocols in pre-shift standup meetings that are typical of bare bones safety programs do not meet the expectations of Industrial Athletes. Our recently conducted Industrial Athlete Workforce Report found a clear message, training does not feel sufficient and safety is a primary worker concern. Elevating the importance of safety measures, making each individual more accountable for their own safety and providing more clear direction on how to meet the demand of the job while managing safety are critical to creating a top-notch safety culture.

We recently launched a new feature, the Athlete Profile, within the SafeWork Dashboard that helps make the data captured by our wearable haptic sensors easy to share directly with Industrial Athletes. The profile view empowers your managers to have informed safety conversations and use the easy to understand and personal insights to help create a more powerful connection between the Industrial Athlete, their job function and the organization. The feature fuels the effectiveness and efficiency of any ergonomic safety program. 

Three core tenets of a best in class safety program are: specific and consistent direction on how to work safely, personalized and highly visible safety communication between management and the workforce, and positive reinforcement for improving and top performing employees often with incentives. The Athlete Profile was designed with these criteria in mind, allowing operational managers to fulfill their responsibility to the safety program in less time while keeping more focus and attention on productivity.

How To Use The Athlete Profile To Have Better Safety Conversations
The Athlete Profile feature sits within the Intervention App in the SafeWork Dashboard. Operations and safety managers can quickly identify the top performing and most at risk team members quickly filtering within the Intervention App.

Managers will simply click the name of the individual they would like to provide extra coaching or give positive feedback. The Athlete Profile displays on desktop and mobile making it easy to take with you as you walk the floor and work with your team.

Using The App During A Safety Moment In 3 Easy Steps
Share the personalized safety view with the individual then:
1) Review their overall Safety Score and the movement breakdown that comprises the score. The Safety Score is made up of three motions or risk factors: bend, tilt and twist.
2) The Athlete Profile shares the risk factor most impacting their Safety Score and a recommendation on how to best improve this movement. Walk through the motion and tips on improving with the individual based on their job type.
3) Look at the trend and comparison visuals at the bottom of the profile and let them know how they are doing compared to their peers and the organization. Give them some encouragement if they are off track or recognition if they are doing well. 

By connecting regularly with each team member using personalized safety metrics you will raise the profile of safety with the individual and the organization. The Intervention App and Athlete Profile will allow you to be more intentional about who you connect with and when, saving you time on managing your safety program. The connections you make with each Industrial Athlete will lead to fewer ergonomic injuries resulting in less days missed, fewer claims and increased productivity which means significant safety ROI.

Request a Trial of the SafeWork System From StrongArm Tech

Building and maintaining a safe and productive workforce is one of your top priorities. The tools provided in the SafeWork Dashboard help create a more robust safety management system, making it easier and methodical to create a safer working environment.

Request a trial of our SafeWork System to see how it can revolutionize your ergonomic safety program!

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