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Introducing SafeWork Training: The Future of Workplace Safety Training

As technology continues to drive transformations across various industries, the field of workplace safety is no exception. However, one of the biggest challenges in the space today is the gap between complex data and actionable end-user improvement. Frontline employees, also known as Industrial Athletes, are often caught between meeting productivity demands and following safe practices. This reality can make it difficult to digest and action safety wearable data.

With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and a shared vision to prevent workplace injuries by harnessing the power of wearable data, Worklete has joined forces with StrongArm Technologies. The result of this merger is the revolutionary SafeWork Platform, a one-stop solution that combines data, training and coaching tools to diagnose workplace risks and prevent injuries before they happen.  

Worklete and StrongArm Technologies: A Shared Commitment to Workplace Safety

StrongArm Technologies, known for its cutting-edge wearables that help Industrial Athletes avoid risky movements in real-time, has found an ideal partner in Worklete. Worklete, with its proven movement competency methodology and library of Strong Human Movement Micro Learning, complements StrongArm’s SafeWork Wearable System perfectly. 

Together, we’ve crafted the SafeWork Platform, a joint product that combines the best of both worlds to raise the bar in workplace safety. 

An Integrated Platform to Drive Outcomes

The SafeWork Platform is a one-stop-shop array of digital safety tools designed to empower Industrial Athletes to improve their movement competency and digitize safety operations for management. 

  1. SafeWork Wearable System: Our industry-proven IoT safety wearables automate the risk assessment and intervention process through real-time feedback and unique, personalized safety metrics.
  1. SafeWork Training: Our new digital training tool – which can standalone or integrate with the Wearable System – applies Worklete’s proprietary Strong Human Movement methodology to job tasks, supplementing the wearable and / or acting as a first layer training protocol for employees in highly repetitive or distributed functions.
  1. SafeWork Dashboard: The next evolution in our dashboarding tool – with features like the SafeWork Training LMS, Athlete Profile, Progress Sessions and Intervention Dashboard – arms your organization with management workflows to identify and prevent risk before injury happens.   

SafeWork Training at a Glance

SafeWork Training offers an array of features to improve how training content is delivered within industrial environments, and how that training is tailored to the demands of unique job tasks. Here are four features that set it apart from the pack:

  1. Digitized Micro Learning: Online learning experience with short, up to 3 minute videos as well as resources and quizzes. Designed for workers on the move! 
  1. Curated Content for Every Task: Applying the foundational methodology to specific job tasks through tailored training programs and custom content. The training language is in your language so Athletes are seeing videos that apply to their day to day.
  1. Champion Training: Manager-specific content to coach the coaches on how to spot poor technique and how to positively influence behavior. In-person Champions Seminars deliver enterprise value to your onsite leaders. 
  1. Corporate Reporting: Learning Management system to measure and monitor training curriculum completion metrics. Get Competitive! 

Achieve More with SafeWork

With its innovative approach to using wearable data, real-time feedback and personalized micro learning, the SafeWork Platform is a game-changer in the realm of workplace safety. Come experience how StrongArm is bridging the gap between enterprise safety insights and frontline action!

Everyone wins in Safety. Join our network of like minded customers leading innovation in the Safety and improving safe work practices for all industrial organizations and their Industrial Athletes. 

Interested? Let’s start a conversation today. 

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