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Why Solving Workplace Safety Must Start with the Problem, Not the Solution

Companies often start because of a great idea, an obsession with an innovation or a new type of technology. And on the surface, StrongArm is not all that different: We began as an exoskeleton company – designing, manufacturing, and popularizing a new, innovative way to make lifting heavy loads light work. 

However, at its core StrongArm was and will always be very different. Because our obsession has never been exoskeletons nor is it now safety wearables. StrongArm is solely focused on the hardware we make and the technology we create as it relates to industrial worker safety and more specifically, keeping the Industrial Athlete proud, protected and productive. (Wondering what an Industrial Athlete is exactly? Our CEO talks about it here).

At StrongArm our obsession is solving the staggering problem of workplace safety, whatever it takes. And we’ve got the world’s largest industrial safety dataset to do it. 

Obsessed with a problem, not a solution

You might be thinking, come on, no one needs to be convinced that industrial worker safety is a problem — it’s all over the news, and besides, plenty of companies have actionable solutions for it already.

But if you’re thinking that then I am positive you’ve never been an Industrial Athlete. Take it from someone who once was — I spent three years on a Russian oil rig, after all. The majority of industrial worker safety solutions out there are merely bandaids to a bullet hole. Fancy words and big manuals, a hard hat and some gloves but nothing that proactively tackles the problem. 

Current solutions in the market might help you get less hurt on a case by case basis; a real will prevent the injury from ever happening and help build the foundation for an enduring safety culture within your facility. StrongArm Tech is quickly becoming that solution. 

Eradicating Workplace Injuries

You’ll notice I didn’t claim we were a total solution but that we are becoming one. With a proven 35% reduction of injuries or more across our clientbase, we’re certainly getting there. But we won’t claim to be a solution until we completely eliminate Industrial Athlete injuries … to zero. 

That’s right, no more workplace injuries. That is what obsession looks like. And at StrongArm we spend every day trying to make progress toward that singular goal. It is a culture that speaks in injury reduction and Athletes protected, different than one worried about technology growth and accounts sold. 

Don’t get me wrong, those things matter too. The better the technology, the better we protect the world’s Industrial Athletes. And the more accounts, the more people we can help. 

But bandwidth is limited and tunnel vision is tempting, so we stay focused on what is important: Total industrial workplace safety and nothing else.

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Berit Pearcy | Executive Director, Operations

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