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March 31, 2021

Name: Alex ‘Ax’ Teller
Title: Executive Director, Clients
Department: Commercial Team - Client Success

Past Work Experience

Before working for StrongArm, Alex spent three years at a global branding & design consultancy. His team specifically supported Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s business and managed a $35m marketing and communications budget. It was the best experience he could have asked for coming out of college, rising the ranks and bridging the corporate and creative worlds.

Top reasons he's excited about working at StrongArm

“There are few opportunities in for-profit business to truly do well by doing good. However, at StrongArm we do well by doing good for the world’s Industrial Athletes every single day. I know that every hour of work I put in at StrongArm contributes to fewer injuries and a safer work environment on the shop floor for the people it matters to most. I find that very fulfilling and it’s tangible motivation to keep trucking.”

One thing he's proud to have accomplished at StrongArm

“The thing I am most proud in my time at StrongArm is not the client relationships we’ve built, revenue figures we’ve attained, problems we’ve solved or products we’ve built – it’s witnessing my team grow and succeed in ways that I couldn’t have imagined years ago when I joined the organization. We’ve progressed from a scrappy bunch of post-grads trying to figure it out to a well-oiled machine actively changing the world - they surprise and delight me every day and I consider myself lucky to be leading them.”

Fun fact about Alex

Alex grew up in the Outer Banks for NC and has been surfing since his 6th birthday (fun fact: he was even sponsored by a local board shaper in his early teens). He’s been fortunate enough to surf all over the world, and all of his free time is still spent on the water or in the woods. His favorite way to start the day is a “dawn patrol” session before work.

Want to connect with Alex? Reach out: