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May 28, 2021

Name: Bryant Eadon
Title: Chief Information Officer
Department: IT/ Security

Past Work Experience

Bryant led the enterprise real-time data delivery platform suite for Thomson Reuters, disseminating high-speed financial data to keep markets moving. Before that, he worked at Credit Suisse in Market Data Engineering, defining standards and operating thousands of servers globally. His training is in computer systems and electrical engineering.

Top reasons he's excited about working at StrongArm

"Deploying cutting edge technological innovation to solve complex, human-centered problems is a technologist's dream – and it's one our team gets to live every day. To see the impact on the people, communities, and workplaces we serve is really rewarding."

One thing he's proud to have accomplished at StrongArm

"We created ISO 27001 standards for IoT Wearables that meet some of the highest standards for personal data. This ensures every individual's data is protected."

Fun fact about Bryant

Bryant was a nationally ranked collegiate swimmer and swam a relay race around the island of Manhattan.

Bryant is universally beloved by dogs. Walking anywhere takes a very long time.

Want to connect with Bryant? Reach out: