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March 31, 2021

Name: Peter Noh
Title: Director, Visual
Department: Design

Past Work Experience

"StrongArm Tech is my first full time work experience. Before this, I was doing a full time product design internship at eyewear company, Luxottica to create unique eyewear designs for North American brands."

Top reasons he's excited about working at StrongArm

“The fact that technology that StrongArm Tech is creating and providing helps people’s lives. Also, the innovations evolving from the StrongArm Tech keeps motivating myself to keep moving forward to create a design that truly supports people to work safely in any environment.”

One thing he's proud to have accomplished at StrongArm

“Alternative wearable solution for the existing FUSE V5 Sensor, which is the X-Pack. I was involved from the beginning to develop the prototype and finally got the final product that has been distributed to clients. I was happy that people like it to wear and feel comfortable proving that the new wearable works for them!”

Fun fact about Peter

Peter was born in Oklahoma and raised in Korea.

Want to connect with Peter? Reach out: