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StrongArm's New Client Director
August 26, 2020

Name: Tori Wrigley
Title: Director
Department: Clients

What Tori brings to StrongArm

Tori is a critical thinker with the unique ability to think deeply and strategically about a client’s problems, while also building meaningful, empathic relationships that last. Simply put, Tori is a thinker and a doer.

Past work experience

Tori previously worked as a brand consultant and relationship manager for a leading global branding firm, partnering with clients including Microsoft, Ford, Hyundai, Deloitte, Move United, Civic Alliance and Bank of America, among others. Prior to that, she worked in multiple capacities for a manufacturer and distributor of party supplies doing sales data analysis, relationship management, and licensing for partners including Walmart, Target & Disney.

Why she's excited about joining StrongArm

  • Exceptionally intelligent group of people doing cutting edge work
  • Organizational commitment to quality and purpose
  • Opportunity to positively impact the lives of individuals

Fun facts about Tori

  • Her first job was picking and packing orders in a small warehouse
  • She's a big fan of baking bread, playing games, spending time outside, and poison dart frogs (yes, poison dart frogs)
  • She's actively learning Portuguese

Want to connect with Tori? Reach out: