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StrongArm Ushers in a New Era for Safe Work

The risks Industrial Athletes face every day have evolved. So have we.

We’ve learned a lot since pioneering the industrial safety wearables space nearly a decade ago. Namely, most companies want to instill a true safety culture into the fabric of what they stand for and how they operate — and a data-centric partner can really help amplify that effort quickly and effectively. 

With every successful deployment, we’ve proven the efficacy of safety wearables deep within the workflows of an organization: To truly unlock a culture of safety for your people it is critical to tap into the data swirling all around them. The answers are there; our algorithm holds the key. 

If the COVID era has taught us anything, it’s this: As the complexion of Industrial Athlete safety evolves, so too must our ability to stay ahead of it. 

Our Fuse Risk Management Platform has matured and strengthened with time and experience, fueled by the tens of millions of hours recorded from Industrial Athletes across many companies, industries and time zones spanning nearly ten years.

So while reducing preventable workplace injuries remains at the core of our mission, we know that prioritizing safety at an organizational level requires more from us.

To meet that challenge, we’ve amplified our solution. Beginning today, the Fuse Risk Management Platform is the StrongArm SafeWork System.

What began as a forward-indicating solution to mitigate the risk of ergonomic injuries has grown into something much larger. Not surprisingly, unlocking safety data in a facility unlocks far greater potential for workforce optimization beyond costly back injuries or slips, trips and falls. Now, we’re actively addressing high turnover rates in the retail industry and powering assembly route improvements at some of the world’s largest manufacturers. 

To help us express this augmented safety solution, we have updated our logo and color palette, and significantly revamped our commercial offering to meet the complex demands of Industrial Athletes and safety managers everywhere. 

We hope you’ll explore the new StrongArm in more depth, beginning here.

And If you want to talk about how safety wearables might optimize your workforce, we’re here to have a conversation.

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Alex Weaver | Director, Marketing

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