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StrongArm Wins 2022 Katie School Hall of Fame Innovation Award

StrongArm Technologies is honored to be the recipient of the 2022 Innovation Award at the Katie School Hall of Fame and Leadership & Innovation Awards.

StrongArm Co-Founder & COO Matt Norcia Receives the 2022 Katie School Innovation Award from Jim Jones.

We are proud and grateful to announce that StrongArm Technologies has been recognized by the Katie School Hall of Fame and the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services at Illinois State University as the winner of the 2022 Innovation Award.

StrongArm was selected because of our social impact; our significant contribution to the insurance industry and industrial resilience; and our injury reduction technology, which captures the imagination of the next generation. Workers’ compensation insurance claims cost operations a lot of money. By reducing these claims we are not only preserving employees’ health, but saving their facilities money and providing them with real-time, up-to-date data to improve safety and productivity.

“We have an opportunity to do well by doing good,” says our Co-Founder and COO Matt Norcia. “We have found a situation where technology provides us better and more accurate information in real time, and it allows us to make smarter and faster decisions that improve value for the enterprises that hire us, and really improve the lives of the people who wear us and use us. And that’s a reason to get up in the morning.”

We would also like to specifically thank Jim Jones, CPCU, Executive Director of Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management, for recognizing StrongArm as an innovator in the insurance industry for our groundbreaking work in the use of our patented wearable technologies for Industrial Athletes™ that significantly reduce work-related injuries and workers’ compensation claims, while optimizing operations.

The mission of the Katie School Hall of Fame and Leadership and Innovation Awards is to educate and inspire the next generation of industry leaders to consider a career in risk management and insurance. They recognize and detail the work of individuals in the industry who have benefited society, provided leadership, and exhibited innovation, and publicly honor individuals and organizations that are doing, or have done, exemplary work in the insurance industry.

Our technology is much more than an injury prevention program. At its core, the SafeWork System reduces injuries and insurance claims, medical expenses and the need for workers’ comp as a result, but the effects of ingraining a safety culture into an operation are much more expansive. The SafeWork System teaches everybody who participates how to take care of their bodies and how to take care of each other in a fast paced industrial environment pushing for productivity.

‍Two other individuals were honored at the award ceremony on March 17. We extend our congratulations to Lori Goltermann, Chief Client Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Global Enterprises at Aon, for being selected as the 2022 Katie School Hall of Fame Laureate, and to Vanessa Contreras, Senior Vice President and US Casualty Team Leader at SCOR Reinsurance, for being selected for the 2022 Young Leader Award.

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