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Why We Ride: StrongArm Caps Successful Return to Pelotonia 2022

We’ve built a business around protecting the livelihoods of Industrial Athletes around the world, a pursuit we take seriously. So when we discovered Pelotonia last year, we knew we had to participate. 

‍And we’re proud to report that we’ve returned for a successful second year. 

‍Pelotonia is an organization dedicated to seeing an end to cancer. Through its annual Ride Weekend alone — comprising two days and routes that range from 20 to 200 miles — it’s raised more than $250 million toward innovative cancer research. 

‍Just this year, the event raised more than $14 million and saw 11,125 riders from around the world get in the saddle to do their part. 

‍For StrongArm’s part, we followed a banner inaugural appearance — we brought more riders in 2021 than any other company attending for their first time — with another impressive showing in 2022. After thousands of miles of training, we logged more than 600 miles between us for the main event, with everyone finishing strong and with a smile on their faces.

‍As a team, we’ve raised $15,000 toward Pelotonia’s ultimate goal to #EndCancer, a testament to months of outreach to friends, family and our professional networks. To everyone who has supported us so far, thank you.

‍We also couldn’t have done it without the generous support of our longtime partner in Industrial Athlete safety, AXA XL, a leading player in global innovative insurance services. 

‍But we’re note done. If you want to contribute to our ongoing fundraising efforts, there’s still time. Every dollar counts.

Thank you to the Pelotonia community for continuing to host this event and for putting every single participant-raised dollar toward cancer research. 

We’re honored to be a part of it. See you again next year, 

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Alex E. Weaver | Director, Communications

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