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Leveraging StrongArm’s Temperature Data for Deeper Heat Risk Insights

How the SafeWork System’s temperature insights illuminate the impact heat risk can have on your facility — and your people.

In addition to collecting ergonomic risk metrics, StrongArm’s sensors can also gather highly accurate temperature and humidity data — critical environmental factors to consider when assessing the potential risk your workers face on a daily basis. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) contend that workers exposed to extreme heat, or those who work indoors in hot environments, are at risk of heat stress and, as a result, occupational illnesses and injuries such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps or heat rashes. 

StrongArm’s temperature metrics — together, commonly referred to as “heat index” or “real feel” — are collected on an individual level every minute throughout the workday and later paired with our ergonomic data to unlock another valuable layer for incident reduction and operational insight understanding — all displayed via temperature specific reports in the SafeWork Dashboard. 

By activating temperature data through the SafeWork System, you can analyze elements of heat risk within your facility and intervene accordingly. 

1. Identify vulnerable workers.

Layering on temperature data provides additional insights into specific workers who might be particularly vulnerable to heat risk.

2. Compare job functions.

Understand how ambient heat factors affect different job functions for smarter scheduling, break management and shift analysis.

Six job functions from a StrongArm client facility have distinct temperature differences because of their location within the warehouse.

3. Correlate Safety Score trends with heat risk.

Better understand how temperature and humidity affect worker behavior and output, and lead to greater potential for injury on an individual, shift or organizational level. 

In one job function, the SafeWork System identified a relationship between Safety Score and Heat Stress. This graph is an example of a loader in a warehouse in the Southern US. 

‍Heat-related illness, injury and death continue to be among the greatest threats facing Industrial Athletes worldwide. StrongArm’s temperature data provides an invaluable benchmark for comprehending, and ultimately mitigating, that risk within your organization. 

‍Interested to see how it works? Request a trial today.

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Siva Bomireddy | Director, R&D

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