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StrongArm partners with Lineage Logistics to ensure safety is more than just a word on the wall

In half a year, StrongArm has reduced injuries in participating facilities by an average of 50%.

Lineage Logistics has always been an innovator in the safety space, championing the health of their team members and pushing the boundaries of safety technology to enable their employees to be productive and healthy at the same time. 

“Complacency isn’t in our playbook,” Lineage exclaims. “That’s why we continue to push ourselves to become even better through innovation, a strong safety culture and strategic partnerships.”

Over the past year, Lineage – the largest, most innovative player in the cold chain – has continued to exceed safety standards and set year-over-year records in safety and compliance performance across all facilities. Across the globe, 50% of all Lineage locations recorded zero incidents, and 27 received a 100% SIS (Safety Inspection System) compliance score in addition.

The most important thing to them is that their team members return home to their families in the same condition they left.

That’s the very reason our company, and our technology, exists. 

So, Lineage began a pilot program with the SafeWork System, StrongArm’s end-to-end risk management solution that combines state-of-the-art wearable technology, real-time data collection and robust data analytics to provide users and leaders with personalized safety insights and intervention opportunities.

‍By leveraging the data gathered through our partnership, Lineage is able to actively review injury trends and metrics across their network to not only reduce injuries at a granular level, but also identify new locations to provide assistance and deploy StrongArm. 

For example, high case pick/repetitive motion facilities are ideal candidates that can benefit from the technology, they say, adding that each of these facilities are seeing significant results by using the technology to augment and enhance focus on safety and driving the right safety culture.

And the results speak for themselves.

To read about the results, check out our Lineage Logistics Case Study.

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Alec Chapman | Associate, Marketing

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