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Statutory Grants available for Ergonomic Solutions

In July 2023 we released a blog on OSHA’s new NEP for Warehousing. In addition to the National Emphasis Program, Best in class states are taking more proactive approaches by providing grants to implement ergonomic specific corrective measures. Minnesota is following CA, WA, & OR, to provide organizations with capital to invest in reducing ergonomic injuries. 

“In 2023, the Minnesota Legislature passed Minnesota Statutes § 182.677, Ergonomics. This statute applies to all warehouse distribution center employers with 100 or more employees, meatpacking and poultry processing sites with 100 or more employees, and health care facilities.

One-time funding of $2 million from the state’s general fund is also included for ergonomics safety grants to be awarded to qualifying employers for projects designed to reduce the risk of ergonomic injury to their employees. This program is estimated to result in $12.6 million in workers’ compensation cost savings to employers from reductions in workplace ergonomic injuries. The statute is effective Jan. 1, 2024; the ergonomics safety grants were effective July 1, 2023. (See Article 1, Section 21.)” – Minnesota OSHA

Have you been putting off Safety Innovation Projects? With new funding options emerging, there is no better time than now to invest in your workforce! 

We have been hard at work building a comprehensive ergonomic technology solution that you can apply towards grant funding. Our SafeWork Platform, a Best-In-Class SaaS solution, is purpose-built to address the musculoskeletal challenges in the supply chain industry that OSHA is actively targeting. 

StrongArm’s Ergonomic Technology Programs;

  1. SafeWork Platform: Our bundled, best in class, risk reduction solution that combines ergonomic sensor data with curated micro learning courses & manager coaching tools. Helping businesses identify and mitigate ergonomic risk & provide frontline managers with worker performance metrics. Daily ergonomic performance data is leveraged to improve Industrial Athlete behavior, mitigate risk, & optimize your facility. 
  1. SafeWork StrongStart: Our purpose – built New Hire training product that leverages ergonomic sensors & work hardening Micro Learning to build the first ever IoT enabled New Hire ergonomic training program. New hires will receive a guided development program with clear behavior milestones, real time performance insights, and dedicated supervisor engagement touch points. 
  1. SafeWork Training: Our industry – validated learning management system builds better movement habits through curated, video based, Micro Learning courses. Industrial Athletes undertake a journey to master the core principles of Strong Human Movement and how to apply them to their job tasks. The personalized, task focused, coursework builds a company wide movement methodology that has far reaching cultural benefits. 
  1. Curated Solutions: StrongArm understands that every business is unique. We pride ourselves on being flexible and can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and challenges. 

Feel free to contact us to discover how you can utilize grant funding for deploying StrongArm Technology. 

  • For more information about Minnesota Statutes § 182.677, visit the Minnesota OSHA rulemaking webpage.
  • Contact Minnesota OSHA Compliance with questions at 651-284-5050, 877-470-6742 or”

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