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StrongArm Tech’s SafeWork System Validated to Reduce Cost of Workplace Injuries by 35%

After nearly a decade of deployment data across clients spanning industries like manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods, retail and distribution — including leading Fortune 500 companies — the true impact of StrongArm’s solution on the cost of workplace injuries has been confirmed.

Analysis recently completed by Barrett Actuarial Consulting, a woman-owned insurance risk assessment firm led by Rose Barrett leveraging more than thirty years of industry experience, validates the impact of StrongArm’s SafeWork System on reducing the cost of workplace injuries using rigorous actuarial methods.

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The SafeWork System has already been validated by Oliver Wyman, a leading global management consulting firm, to reduce the frequency of injuries by up to 52% – now it has proven to significantly reduce the year-over-year cost of ergonomic injuries. 

‍Unique in its scale and scope, the first of its kind actuarial study spanned over 70 million hours worked, 5,000 system users and 15 different deployments across three years — each with a control population not receiving the technology.

Among other findings, the study concluded that the SafeWork System reduces ultimate loss cost on targeted injuries by 35% compared to control groups without the technology.

‍To learn more about StrongArm’s SafeWork System and its impact on workers’ comp claims,

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Alex E. Weaver | Director, Communications

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