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Using Safety Wearables to Identify and Prevent Workforce Risk

We are proud to be a part of EHS Today Safety Week of Learning. Don’t miss our CEO, Sean Petterson delivering a virtual keynote presentation on wearable safety technology, how it can enhance your operational performance and the important role it can play in an organization’s ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) strategy.

The SafetyWeek of Learning is an immersive and engaging three-day webinar series for safety leaders to advance their mission, keeping their workplaces safe and protecting their workers from harm. The event features highlighted keynote and track sessions from the Safety Leadership Conference, selected by the EHS Today editorial team.

Why Attend SafetyWeek of Learning:

  • Discover how to implement transformational safety leadership within your own company
  • Acquire OSHA guidance 
  • Case studies on implementing best safety practices in your workplace
  • Learn how to integrate safety compliance into the culture of your business
  • Improve your knowledge of  latest safety technology

StrongArm’s Keynote Overview, What You Can Expect:

Industrial workers in the United States are facing unprecedented demand on the clock. Labor shortages, soaring quotas and a crippled supply chain are just some of the factors pushing them to the limits. 

The effects are profound. Not only are preventable workplace injury rates keeping pace, but the mental health toll such essential workers face on a daily basis is revealing itself as well. 

According to our Industrial Athlete Workforce Report — which polled in late 2022 more than 600 active workers across critical industries — more than 47% of respondents report being stressed at their jobs, while nearly 20% said they receive no job training at all.

The positive news is that safety wearables can help identify at-risk individuals and action a plan to help mitigate these factors before they get worse. 

By collecting ergonomic and physiological data from the workers themselves and compiling that data into an intuitive, trend-based dashboard, managers are armed with powerful insights from the source so they can provide insights where they’re needed most. 

Join us December 14th from 3pm-4pm EST for this important webinar.

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Sean Petterson | CEO & Founder, StrongArm Technologies

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