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What is the FUSE Risk Management Platform?

If someone asked you whether you wanted a car that only checked your tire pressure or engine oil levels once a month versus continuous monitoring when in operation, what would you choose? Why? What if your refrigerator only checked and regulated the internal temperature once a week versus continuously — again, what would you choose and why? 

When we think about the parallels to how ubiquitous sensors, data, and the continuous feedback loops are that help keep so many things in our daily lives operating, the answer and value is clear. But why is it that when we look at workplace safety — the health and wellbeing of the people who support and build the world around us — this concept doesn’t exist? 

This is why we built the FUSE Risk Management Platform: To understand what it would take to capture the various data points that could help you understand what is going on in your workplace in real time, provide corrective action, and improve the health and wellbeing of your teams.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve learned that safety is an inherently difficult thing to measure in a forward-indicating way, no matter your industry, operational environment or job function. Instead, it’s almost always retroactive, looking backwards at something that has happened rather than preventing something that likely could. For these types of safety “approach,” a measurable ROI is difficult to nail down, not to mention the variables that impact safety are very dynamic and frankly complicated. 

For all of these reasons, trying to explain how a safety initiative is going to impact HR, production, operations, financial metrics, or even safety itself has been a near impossible task.

Enter the FUSE Risk Management Platform, an ecosystem involving a wearable FUSE Sensor, a smart docking station, and a simple to use data analytics platform accessible to all stakeholders. In some ways, we like to think about the FUSE Risk Management Platform as a communication enablement platform that allows Industrial Athletes™, floor managers, site leads, regional managers, corporate executives, and even insurance risk managers to speak the same language, thus accelerating decision making, positively impacting the lives of workers, and achieving greater business success. 

It all starts with the FUSE Sensor on the body of Industrial Athletes™. Think of it like an industrial Fitbit but instead of heart rate and step counts, we’re measuring physiological and environmental risk factors that can contribute to injuries in the workplace. We capture that data on the sensor and upload it to the cloud through the Smart Dock where you can scan your badge and checkout a sensor and return it to any dock. Once the data is uploaded, through many different algorithms and data processing, the information is available to the Industrial Athletes™, their managers, and other stakeholders in custom dashboards, reports, and insights in the way that is most helpful to each of these users. 

In addition to the data, the FUSE Sensor is able to provide critical real-time feedback with on-board processing to give vibrational, audible, and visual alerts to correct or mitigate unsafe behavior to the worker directly. 

Leveraging this ecosystem, we have helped large enterprises achieve upwards of 50% injury reduction year over year. While the tactical coaching with the real-time feedback to the Athletes have shown behavioral changes overtime, the data is a core component of this impact. The data-share and reporting within the work environment helps to create a gamified and fun competitive experience that leads to a more engaging and exciting working environment. 

Wouldn’t it be exciting to walk by the lunchroom and to have your Athletes talking about their safety metrics and how they’re trending positively and beating out all of their other teams, proud of being the safest and most productive worker in the region? Wouldn’t it be great to get recognized by all the facility leadership as a new associate who has seen the most improvement in her safety performance? 

We have seen a cultural shift in peer-to-peer safety engagement and how managers can better leverage safety moments with their teams in a more constructive way with lasting impact that goes beyond just safety.

As we look to the future of what the FUSE Risk Management Platform can and will be, it can truly become a platform that leverages not only the FUSE Sensor on the bodies of workers, but as a hub to other systems and the interactions with their environment and power equipment that provides even greater feedback and awareness. We see the opportunity to empower the workforce through a comprehensive and holistic approach to keeping them proud, protected and productive.

With our SafeWork System Activation Program, our team will bring our pioneering workplace safety solution directly to you. Your workers are able to test out our workplace safety wearables and management will receive a report with real intervention opportunities at the end of the day. Request a trial today.

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Mike Kim | CPO & Co-Founder

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