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We Work Hard So You Work Safe

StrongArm creates technology that prevents workplace injuries and optimizes workforces around the world. Tens of thousands of Industrial Athletes™ rely on our SafeWork System every day to give their best at work and return home safely.
Sean Petterson
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Sean founded StrongArm Technologies in 2013 to protect Industrial Athletes™ from preventable workplace strain, injury, and death. His early vision manifests today in the SafeWork System, a data-centric solution driving workplace optimization and human capital management deep within some of the world's most iconic companies. Sean's prophetic view on the view of future work sets the tone for StrongArm's mission, R&D efforts, and pursuit of doing well by doing good.
Mike Kim
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder
Mike is the bridge between Strongarm's mission and its end users. He applies an engineering acumen and compassion for the Industrial Athlete™ to develop an innovative product set that drives tangible change in the safety cultures of our customers. Mike is the master architect of StrongArm's product roadmap, constantly pushing himself and his team to define and realize the leading edge of workplace safety and optimization through technology.
Matt Norcia
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Matt manages all facets of StrongArm's business trajectory, paying exacting attention to how the business grows and cultivates its own workforce to deliver the best value for its customers. He reflects the mission to optimize the world's workforces through data within StrongArm by growing a team purpose-built for scalability, promoting a positive company culture above all else, and championing diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the future of work.
Sean Petterson
CEO, StrongArm Technologies
Shaun Stewart
CEO, NewLab & NewLab Ventures
Arjuna Costa
Managing Partner, Flourish Ventures
Nick Solaro
Partner, Drive Capital
Robert Bauer
Group Chief MGA Officer, bolttech
About StrongArm
Since 2013, our founding mission at StrongArm Technologies has been and remains to keep the world’s Industrial Athletes™ proud, protected and productive. We achieve this through our pioneering FUSE safety wearables and the actionable ergonomic data they provide to individuals and management across numerous job types, industries and operating environments.
The Industrial Athlete™ is the beating heart of everything we represent and strive for here at StrongArm — the essential, frontline workers of the world who put their bodies on the line to perform a critical job function that positively impacts lives beyond their own. But that responsibility doesn’t come without its consequences. Far too often, preventable workplace injuries lead to lost shifts, missed paychecks and threatened livelihoods. That, to us, is unacceptable.
In order to most effectively prevent injuries in a given operational environment, we work closely with each client across many dedicated and leading-edge teams, including client services, data and engineering, IT security and others. Each safety program is tailored to the needs of the workers on the ground and the managers who oversee them, including what types of safety wearables and attachment options will suit them best, and the look and cadence of the safety reports that we’ll provide. The result is an actionable and scalable safety solution that seamlessly becomes part of a facility’s daily routine and is proven to prevent workplace injuries by as much as 64% across hundreds or thousands of Industrial Athletes.
After five product families and countless iterations, 33 patent filings (and counting), exponential team growth and countless university, government and international research, our aim is unchanged. The mission is the same. In all that we do, we are working tirelessly towards creating safer workplaces and better futures for the Industrial Athletes™ and their families.

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