New Hire Injury Reduction

Reduce employee turnover rates with safety wearables and protect your most-prized assets – your people – with actionable safety data.

New Hire Turnover Rates are Rising

Employee turnover is a serious problem. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee turnover rates have nearly doubled over the past few years. With workers compensation costs similarly heading upwards, workplace safety and reducing injuries has never been more important.

Currently, segments like 3PL, logistics, distribution, and trade are the hardest impacted sectors, flipped on their heads by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent fallout.

As e-commerce demand continues to increase and the access to talent plummets, injury risk and employee turnover rates have inevitably risen and had a critical impact on the productivity and cost of production across job functions, industries and operating environments worldwide.

Now more than ever, it’s essential that we find ways to solve this for the betterment of our global critical infrastructure – and that all starts with the health, safety and well-being of our Industrial Athletes™.

Targeting Employee Turnover with Safety Wearables

Driving an enduring safety culture starts with the safety of your employees. At StrongArm, we produce leading-edge wearable technology that takes the guesswork out of injury prevention and enables managers to understand where their facilities need improvement and which departments or individual workers require more immediate intervention.

The sensors we provide offer real-time, haptic feedback to alert Athletes when they are at risk of an injury, before the injury occurs, and teach them ways to operate safer, effectively altering human behavior in favor of healthier, safer habits.

Furthermore, this technology captures and records data to learn about each associate and understand the job type and workflows of the user. Using this real-world, actionable safety data, we are able to identify risks around the workplace and offer workplace optimization to mitigate these risks and eliminate preventable injuries. 

StrongArm’s injury prevention program, the SafeWork System, helps combat employee turnover issues at the source, optimizing your facilities to be as safe as possible and ingraining safe habits into the culture of your workplace.


Proven Injury Reduction in Various Industries

For example, a leading global e-commerce firm was suffering from a high worker turnover — the direct result of consumer demand pushing a high quantity of return packages at a prolific speed and volume. Because this facility was not originally designed for processing such non-conveyables, a variety of musculoskeletal injuries occurred.

Using StrongArm’s platform, the facility’s EH&S Managers discovered that a high twist velocity at a specific conveyor location was the contributing factor of injuries. We identified a simple and effective change – rotating conveyors at scanning stations by 45 degrees – and successfully reduced their risk by 62%, driving nearly $5M in injury savings.

With another customer – a leading wholesale retailer – StrongArm’s wearable devices became a part of the daily routine of their Industrial Athletes, and our data team is in regular contact with their management to help comb through the data and identify meaningful interventions along the way.  

In one specific instance, the SafeWork System identified a relatively small risk engineering opportunity with potentially major benefits: A row of heavily used produce bins being placed too low to the ground and at an awkward angle for easy access. After consulting the team and measuring the risk with safety data, they made layout changes, lifting the bins around 40cm off the ground and tilting them forward, significantly reducing the forward bend and the effort required by associates to pick up the product. 

The team responded with positive feedback on the simple change and the follow-up safety data showed quantifiable information supporting the engineering adjustment. Our long-running partnership with them has since led to an astonishing 89% injury reduction across all participating facilities.

For the Industrial Athlete™

Bring safety top of mind and improve performance over time with wearable sensor feedback and daily performance reminder.

For Your Supervisors

Manage team participation, trends in performance and leverage real-world information for meaningful interventions.

For Business Stakeholders

Analytics to prevent injury, power decisions and provide deep insight to organizational impact and opportunities.

Contact StrongArm Technologies Today to Request a Trial

Gather insight into workplace safety using the SafeWork System. Data collection allows you to optimize your warehouses, manufacturing centers and other facilities by minimizing workplace injuries and shining a light on problem areas.

Each client receives individualized attention. Data collection and analysis are essential to this process, so we release datasheets to you when you need them, helping you determine the areas that need the most help.

Our SafeWork System Activation Program allows you to see our pioneering workplace safety solution in action. For just one day, our team will bring our SafeWork System directly to you to allow workers to wear sensors. Management will receive a report at the end of the day with real intervention opportunities to optimize performance. Request a trial today.

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