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Proud to be American-Made

Worker safety is a global problem. But the solution is made in America.

Protecting the world’s Industrial Athletes is no easy task. In a fast-paced, unpredictable environment, you need safety technology that can keep up.

‍Instability and unreliability have plagued the global supply chain in recent years, effectively bogging down manufacturing in the United States and impacting production rates worldwide. And it’s only getting worse.

‍That’s why critical components of StrongArm’s SafeWork System are proudly made in our home state of New York.

Watch the full video below:

Employing state-of-the-art machinery and specialized engineers, we now build our sensors, docks and a number of accessories (such as the x-pack and harness, various mounting methods for the Flex, and adaptors) right next door to us in Long Island.

‍The complex computer boards that power the SafeWork System are printed and assembled here as well, along with the other inner workings of our technology, such as mechanical components, electrical components and jigs that we use in the manufacturing process to speed up assembly and increase the consistency and reliability of the hardware.

‍“We can’t depend on a supply chain riddled with instability,” says CEO Sean Petterson. “We need complete control over building our safety infrastructure in order to properly protect the Industrial Athletes of the world. They deserve it.”

‍Tackling the problem of work-related injuries – a problem of global proportions – requires a full-fledged effort. In order to level up our manufacturing game to get to the level our customers deserve and the standard we expect, we needed to move local.

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