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What is the SafeWork System?

Safety wearables, a smart dock, and comprehensive analytics complete the original end-to-end workforce optimization and risk management solution.

StrongArm’s mission has always been and will always be to keep Industrial Athletes proud, protected and productive. The SafeWork System is the latest evolution in our safety technology striving to achieve this goal.

It is the next generation of the Fuse Risk Management Platform; a more expansive ecosystem with more complete coverage composed of safety wearables, a smart docking station and a simple to use data analytics platform accessible to all customers.

The SafeWork System is the leading end-to-end workforce optimization and risk management solution, pairing the world’s largest industrial safety data set with the world’s toughest, most advanced safety wearables to provide complete coverage of your facilities and ensure your Industrial Athletes return home safe.

How it Works

The SafeWork System begins with our wearable sensors, Flex or Fuse — safety devices proven to reduce manual material handling risk while empowering management with actionable, real-world insights. At the beginning of each shift, every employee checks out a sensor from the Fuse Smart Dock – the dock screen provides the Industrial Athlete with a quick recap of their safety performance from their last shift – then either attaches the sensor to their hip, clips it on their chest or wears it in our X-Pack harness.

It’s that simple. As they work, our state-of-the-art sensors keep your employees safe so they can focus on the task at hand. Think of it like a personal trainer, actively ensuring employees are using their bodies in the safest way possible, measuring physiological and environmental risk factors that can contribute to injuries in the workplace.

Our small but durable sensors are engineered to recognize these risks, monitoring 25 different factors at a rate of 12.5 times per second. While employees go about their daily duties, the sensor keeps an eye on their movement and their environment. If, for example, an Industrial Athlete bends at a bad angle, twists in an awkward manner, or is too close to another team member, the sensor gives them vibrational and audible reminders to alert them to the risk.

When an employee is done with their shift, they simply return the sensor to the smart dock and the data is automatically uploaded and the sensor recharged. From there, through our different algorithms and data processing, the information becomes available to Industrial Athletes, their managers, and other stakeholders in our SafeWork Dashboard displaying reports, insights and intervention opportunities intuitively for each of these users.’

With the SafeWork Dashboard, customers have access to their personalized data; safety, intervention opportunities, job type analysis, organizational insights, industry benchmarking and full platform support – all in one easy-to-use interface.

The SafeWork Dashboard enables the most advanced workforce optimization yet – it is your simple, single source for workplace risk management and organizational understanding. Through your computer, your smartphone, or tablet, we provide access to reports highlighting vulnerable employees, facility comparisons, and risk mapping that highlights unsafe locations.

SafeWork System Benefits

‍Purposefully designed to benefit every level of the organization, the SafeWork System pairs state-of-the-art safety wearables delivering immediate feedback to alert associates of potential risk with IoT data analytics examining facilities for troublesome trends and problematic areas, bundled together in a simplified and easily deployable package; an industry-leading risk management platform trusted by some of the most iconic companies worldwide and proven to reduce costly workplace injuries by an average 52%.

The SafeWork System also introduces the Safety Score into your workplace as an indicator for progress with safer practices. Safety Score is StrongArm’s proprietary numerical ranking from 1-100 for a worker’s daily safety, taking bend angles, twist speed and more into account to deliver a metric that indicates the musculoskeletal risk for different workers in a specific job function, facility or company. The safer the worker’s movements, the higher the Safety Score.

In 60 days of participation, the average Safety Score of one of our customers increased by over 20 points.

Delivering timely injury reduction and risk mitigation is powerful in its own right, but the ripple effects go deeper.

The SafeWork System is the foundation of a positive and proactive safety culture. It enables a cultural shift in peer-to-peer engagement and in how managers can better leverage safety moments with their teams in a more constructive way with lasting impact that goes beyond just safety. 

We know your workforce is your most important asset, that is why we continue to build upon our core system to help identify opportunities for process engineering, informed training programs, enhanced productivity and improved retention for a happier, more energized workplace.

Empower your workforce today with a comprehensive and holistic approach that ensures you can send your employees home safe, keeping them proud, protected and productive.

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