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StrongArm's R&D Leadership In Safety Tech Secured with Patents for Activity Classification and Injury Prediction

StrongArm’s director of research and development shares the latest advances in our safety technology
May 3, 2022

StrongArm’s research and development team has been hard at work over the past quarter innovating and pushing the boundaries of safety technology, of the Flex safety wearable and the corresponding SafeWork System, to accommodate evolving needs of the Industrial Athlete. As the first quarter of 2022 recently came to a close, and in correlation with StrongArm’s Q2 Fireside Chat, we thought it was necessary to shine a light on some recent R&D wins.


In the short term, the R&D team is proud to share new developments in the wearable optionality of the Flex sensor. We have successfully deployed our wearable as a hip worn device with real-time alerting capability and the ability to collect and share motion analytics to our customers. In response, we received great feedback on the wearable comfortability of the Flex On-Hip from the users.


There have also been many indications that the real-time alerts are changing ergonomic behavior, an early but promising trend to see.


Looking ahead, in our sights we have a next-generation alerting algorithm in the works that can automatically detect the position of the sensor, whether it be on-hip or on-torso, and deliver the feedback accordingly both effectively and seamlessly.


We have also been working with multiple customers to deploy Accident Avoidance technology with a focus on power equipment and pedestrian safety. These have been deployed as an MVP, an innovation partnership.


In the long term, the R&D team is excited to announce that we’ve had success testing our sensors as hardware agnostic. Using a mobile phone, we can now deliver real-time alerts based on the user’s motion.


We have also had two successful patent applications, with four more pending. These are a huge step in the right direction for our team as we continue to innovate, redefining what safety technology can be.


The first successful patent is Activity Classification. Similar to how our mobile devices in everyday life can understand the activity that users perform (such as walking, running, biking, etc.), our technology, in this patent, understands how Industrial Athletes are moving (forward bending, tilting, twisting, pushing, pulling, reaching, etc.) in their physical environments.


The second successful patent is Injury Prediction. The technology in this patents can classify a worker’s motion into categories like “Injury Motion” versus “Non-Injury Motion” using Machine Learning models, which learn this behavior based on the millions of hours of motion data StrongArm has collected. 


As we continue the push toward our mission of protecting the world’s Industrial Athletes, the guiding philosophy of the R&D team remains simple. We believe most of the risks faced by the world's Industrial Athletes can be solved by leveraging and extending the existing technologies. We focus on the problems rather than solutions, which helps us rapidly innovate and iterate through technologies ahead of the competition.