Build Safety Into Your 2023 Budget

The new year is only weeks away and as budgets close for 2022 there is an opportunity to improve your workforce safety and ROI.

Our safety wearables, activation program, and data directly from Industrial Athletes themselves proves safety is a line item should be budgeting for.

As your budget cycle comes to a close and 2023 is on the horizon, learn how to optimize your safety ROI with our advanced safety wearable technology.


Our proven track record of reducing workplace injuries will help you and your Industrial Athletes benefit physically, mentally and financially.

Activating Safety Wearables in Your Workplace

Establishing the need for safety wearables is a step in the right direction. Implementation, however, is another thing. We make the process simple with our SafeWork Activation Program, which brings our team to you to show how the program works without commitment. We work with your team on implementation specific to your facility.

Investment in Safety Will Save Lives and Money

Investing in safety wearables not only improves your workers overall health and safety but also saves you money. By reducing injuries in your operation by as much as 52%, StrongArm’s SafeWork System delivers an average 250% return on investment.

Safety Wearables ROI

Protect Your Workforce

Our industry leading solution is backed by over 30 million hours of real-world industrial safety data. When safety wearables are effectively used by your workers the result is a reduction in thousands of injuries everyday. Calculate your ROI and see how much we could save you.

Calculate Your ROI

New Data on Industrial Athletes
in The Workforce


Industrial Athletes have spoken.


We polled more than 600 active industrial workers in the US about their daily stressors, training support, mental health and more... The results might surprise you.

The Industrial Athlete™

The Industrial Athlete™ is the beating heart of everything we represent and strive for here at StrongArm — the essential, frontline workers of the world who put their bodies on the line to perform a critical job function that positively impacts lives beyond their own. 

That responsibility doesn’t come without its consequences. Far too often, preventable workplace injuries lead to lost shifts, missed paychecks and threatened livelihoods. That is why StrongArm exists.

The SafeWork System

Our safety wearables integrate with the SafeWork System to provide powerful and intuitive digital PPE for Industrial Athletes around the world. 


The result: Automated risk reduction programs keeping iconic companies optimized, productive and aligned around a culture of workplace safety.

Real-Time Haptic Feedback

Helps Industrial Athletes self-correct unsafe behavior throughout the day.

Quick & Easy Daily Participation

Check out in seconds, then drop-and-go to upload data for daily insights.

Intuitive Program Tools

Leading indicator safety metrics at your fingertips in an easy-to-use dashboard.

About StrongArm Technologies


StrongArm Technologies provides actionable data and insights for the world’s industrial workforce, including customers such as Walmart, Toyota and Albertsons, that want to create a safer, more effective environment. Its pioneering SafeWork System works to protect over 89,000 of today’s Industrial Athletes™ – individuals who put their bodies on the line day in and day out to fulfill the world’s essential services – by providing real-time feedback to inform safety, proper training and productivity across the workforce. With more than 35 million hours of on-body data driving its insight engine, StrongArm Technologies’ wearable devices have proven a 52 percent year-over-year injury reduction rate for customers.

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